Wanted: Photographs Of Mutant Tube Beasts

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Wanted: Photographs Of Mutant Tube Beasts

headlesslegmonsterWeird creatures populate the tunnels of London Underground. We've all seen them, clinging to the curved glass panels of train doors. The strange entities belong to a number of species. The most common is the headless leg monster, shown in our photograph. You might have also witnessed the rangy-limbed shuffle beast, or — most troubling of all — the long-faced mimic-fiend, whose singular trick is to adopt the viewer's appearance, but with a twisted or elongated countenance.

This most peculiar ecosystem is poorly documented by science. To that end, we're looking for further photographs of the tube beasts, in all their wondrous variety. If you've spotted a tube monster, please do send a snap to matt@londonist.com, or tweet us @londonist with the hashtag #tubebeasts. The poor creatures also lack definitive names, so please feel free to suggest ideas. We'll pool everything together into the first ever taxonomic catalogue of mutant tube fauna.

Last Updated 10 April 2015