The Best April Fools In London 2015

James Drury
By James Drury Last edited 45 months ago
The Best April Fools In London 2015

TRUST NO-ONE. Today's the day when you have to be even more cautious about believing what you read. We'll update this article throughout the morning with the best London April Fool's pranks.

Pac man

One of the best comes from Google, where you can play Pac-Man on the streets of London. Just go to Google Maps, press the Pac Man button and you can run away from ghosts in Penge, or anywhere else you like in the capital.


Brewer Fuller's says it is "delighted" to have changed its local Chiswick postcode from W4 to FST1 to reflect the brewery’s founding fathers. The company claims firms which receive large volumes of mail are sometimes granted their own postcode for administration reasons, and Fuller’s "looked to take this to the next level in order include its whole community in the process".

Giving a whole new meaning to 'tapping out', the Smart ePants have a microchip sewn in, so you never forget your Oyster.

Gadget shop Firebox is selling Smart ePants, which contain a "waterproof microchip stitched into the front and back", meaning you can carry your Oyster, and payment card in your undercrackers. To tap in and out at stations, all you need to do is grind your backside on the reader.

Coffee shop Costa is offering its customers the chance to book a 15-minute nap in its cafes when they order a coffee. The company says it's imported Japanese ostrich pillows which will be loaned to a customer, who tells staff when they want to be woken. Costa says its most popular time is 3pm-4pm, when people have a slump.

Oh, and apparently there's a new zero-gravity capsule on the London Eye, as this picture claims to show:

zero gravity

The Standard is reporting that Chelsea and Arsenal have joined forces to erect a statue to Ashley Cole. The monument to the star will wear a half Chelsea, half Arsenal kit, and be created by the anagram-friendly award-winning Norwegian sculptor Olaf Lipro. It will be located equidistant between the clubs' grounds, in Regent's Park.

Meanwhile, in Croydon, the Advertiser says the tale of last year's disastrous UKIP Carnival is to be turned into a film starring Michael Sheen and Jamie Foxx. Sheen will play the role of Nigel Farage, while Foxx will portray party hopeful, former boxer Winston McKenzie, who planned the debacle.

The Brixton Pound has announced that John Major's face will grace its new notes:


And Battersea Dogs & Cats Home has a new resident apparently:


A "history" piece now, as the Royal Albert Hall reckons it's uncovered papers which show in 1967  bosses at the venerated concert venue wrote to The Beatles to object “in the strongest conceivable terms” to being named in the Fab Four’s song A Day In The Life. The phrase "now we know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall", was so appalling to the Hall’s then chief executive, Mr Ernest O’Follipar (cough cough), he told the band that the “wrong-headed assumption that there are four thousand holes in our auditorium” threatened to destroy its business overnight.

And finally, there's this.

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Last Updated 01 April 2015