Pipe Dreams: A Trippy Look At Crossrail's New Tunnel

By Stuart Black Last edited 43 months ago
Pipe Dreams: A Trippy Look At Crossrail's New Tunnel


The Crossrail boring machines — Elizabeth and Victoria — are currently making their way through the London clay beneath us like two mice chomping through a particularly tasty wheel of Swiss cheese. And they’ve just made it to the chewy bit underneath Barbican. To celebrate this, the arts hub above has commissioned a cool short film called Pipe Dreams, combining a documentary portrait of the tunnels and engineers with some trippy monochrome animation.

The film looks to be the first piece of Crossrail-inspired artwork to be completed. It combines the talents of Sidd Khajuria who produced and directed, Bevis Bowden who filmed the tunnel and animator Daniela Sherer. It’s also set to the suitably pneumatic music of LoneLady.

The film shows the final stretch of the Crossrail tunnelling project between Liverpool Street and Farringdon with the map below showing progress around this section.

Crossrail Tunnelling status

Last Updated 08 April 2015