London's Air Ambulance Flying Extended Hours Over Summer

Will Noble
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London's Air Ambulance Flying Extended Hours Over Summer


Photo by Dr Mark Salmon

For the first time in its history, London's Air Ambulance is flying longer hours over the summer months. Until 2 September the airborne charity will attend to critically injured people in London every day until sunset, or 9.21pm. Typically, the service has to stop flying at 6.45pm each day, because of a lack of funds.

Graham Hodgkin, chief executive officer of London’s Air Ambulance, said:

“When daylight hours are longer people are out and about more — kids playing, after work drinks, BBQs, festivals — London is full of things to do. Previously, due to affordability, we couldn’t contract the additional pilots and fire crew needed to cover the summer months but thanks to those who have donated to the Your London, Your Helicopter campaign so far, we have now been able to do that."

London’s Air Ambulance has contracted three additional pilots and further fire crew support to cover its extended time in London's skies. The charity continues to urge people to donate towards a second emergency medical helicopter.

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Last Updated 17 April 2015