Join An After-Hours Safari Tour Around ZSL London Zoo

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Join An After-Hours Safari Tour Around ZSL London Zoo

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Animals are a busy bunch. They don’t start to wind down mid-afternoon, or turn in for the night once the sun goes down. They are 24-hour creatures, and once the doors of ZSL London Zoo close for the night there is a whole nocturnal wildlife world still waiting to be discovered.

Now, animal lovers are being let into that world. Once the daytime crowds have gone home, the Sunset Safari evenings offer a rare chance to see the Zoo’s inhabitants after-hours. Enjoy the company of over 750 species, with the experts that know them best, as they begin their nocturnal wanderings.

Animal conservationists, scientists and keepers will be on hand to make visitors forget they’re in central London and help transport them around the world. Nab yourself a space on one of the Premium Guided Safari Tours to delve deep into the wonders of the animal kingdom, where an expert guide will open up on the triumphs, peculiarities and little-known facts of each animal as you pay them a visit.

Tiger Territory

Discover how the clever pygmy hippo produces its own sun cream to protect itself from the glaring sun. Learn how to turn the tables and track down one of Africa's top predators. Find out once and for all whether a zebra is white with black stripes or black with white stripes. Big fan of The Lion King? Test your knowledge and take part in a Lion King myth or fiction game.

Animal feedings, demonstrations, performances and live music at the Safari Base Camp will give even the most diurnal of visitors a wild dose of the nocturnal. And don’t forget to factor in your own feeding-time at the World Food Market, where over 25 hand-picked stalls will be selling a selection of delicious treats to tempt carnivores and herbivores alike.


ZSL London Zoo’s Sunset Safari series takes places every Friday 6-10pm from 5 June-17 July 2015. Premium Guided Safari Tours cost £28. Book online via the ZSL London Zoo website.

Last Updated 30 April 2015