Is There Any Truth To The Science In Sci-Fi Films?

By Stuart Black Last edited 45 months ago
Is There Any Truth To The Science In Sci-Fi Films?


So let's get this straight: in the Terminator films, revolutionary leader John Connor sends a man back in time to protect his mum who then gets her pregnant with him? Not only is that seriously awkward it also raises some mind-melting questions about time and cause and effect.

To take on these kind of conundrums in classic science fiction films, over three nights a host of comedians and scientists will delve into the science behind Alien, Apollo 13, Terminator 2, Shaun of the Dead and Good Will Hunting. Is a virus which creates zombies actually feasible? Could a robot travel back in time to kill a revolutionary leader's mum? And what would happen if it could?

Scientists helping you get to grips with the geekery behind the silver screen at Science Flicktion include Adam Rutherford and Steve Mould, while the comics include Bec Hill, Helen Keen, and Dan Schreiber. All three nights are hosted by Festival of the Spoken Nerd's Helen Arney.

Science Flickton takes place on 15-17 May at Chelsea Old Town Hall. Tickets £18 (£12 concessions). For more information visit the Pop Up Screen website.

Last Updated 14 April 2015