Disgraced Mayor's Party Banned As Government Intervenes Further In Tower Hamlets

James Drury
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Disgraced Mayor's Party Banned As Government Intervenes Further In Tower Hamlets

Lutfur Rahman. Photo by What’s in Wapping via the Londonist Flickr pool.

The political party of disgraced former Tower Hamlets mayor, Lutfur Rahman, has been banned by the Electoral Commission.

The move comes as Communities Secretary Eric Pickles takes further control of Tower Hamlets council in the wake of the sudden removal of Rahman from the top job, due to electoral fraud.

Bob Posner, of the Electoral Commission, said: "The Court’s consideration of the case made clear that the financial scheme the party was required to submit to the Commission when registering as political party had not subsequently been implemented. The Court's conclusions mean that the party’s registration is no longer valid and we have written to the party today confirming this."

Pickles announced he is giving the commissioners — who are now running the counciladditional powers "to take any steps which the commissioners consider are needed for good governance and sound financial management".

Rahman and his supporters are holding a rally tonight at Water Lily hall in Whitechapel, where speakers will include Christine Shawcroft, Labour Party, Andrew Murray of Unite the Union, Lindsey German of Stop the War Coalition and Weyman Bennett from Unite Against Fascism.

The former mayor insists his innocence and has announced he will be appealing last week's decision which saw him thrown out of office, for vote-rigging, using local imams to influence voters, and falsely accusing his rival — Labour candidate John Biggs — of being a racist.

A 38 Degrees petition supporting Rahman has attracted over 6,000 signatures.

Last Updated 30 April 2015

Beth Williams

As a former resident of Tower Hamlets I question what is the point of this borough. It would be far better to merge with Hackney and abolish the layers of expensive bureaucracy.


The real disgrace is the Tories getting Pickles and an unelected lawyer , whose report seems to be abundant with dubious hearsay, to ride roughshod over the democratic rights of the local electorate. They don't like excellent educational achievement in a poor borough, reinstatement of educational maintenance payments to sixth formers, free home care or the recognition of St Patrick's day to name but some of the positives for our borough of Tower Hamlets in the last few years, or that we took to the streets to keep out the EDL. They do like inequality, for instance the big banks towering over us and rocketing property prices to go with them as local people are overcrowded on an endless waiting list.


I have to ask, do we really need a mayor in Tower Hamlets? I had a business in this area and I was charged £86 for my A board. Then when it went up to £649.50 in one year. I protested and because I wrote to head government who were labour at the time. I was constantly bullied by the petty tower hamlets cronies. Even the mayor of tower hamlets came in to have a look around my shop. I left in the end as I just was fed up with the abuse. Tower Hamlets is like the twilight zone.