See The Animals At ZSL London Zoo As Only The Keepers Do — At Night

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See The Animals At ZSL London Zoo As Only The Keepers Do — At Night

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For many animals the night time is the right time — they come to life when the sun's gone down. But as diurnal creatures (well, most of us), our lifestyle doesn't necessarily make for the best time to see ZSL London Zoo at its most animated.

That's all about to change.

The brand new Sunset Safari series will give visitors a rare chance to see the zoo's inhabitants as only the keepers do — as they settle down (or ramp up) for the night. Whether you want to see a tiger prowling at twilight, a graceful giraffe enjoying its last feed of the day, or a monkey family having a pre-bedtime natter, Sunset Safari gives city-dwellers the chance to understand the 750 species from around the world from a new perspective.

Spy a Slender Loris at twilight

There's a packed programme of animal feeding sessions and expert talks for everyone, but for those who want to indulge their inner Attenborough, a Premium Guided Safari Tour will take groups of up to 40 people on an exploration of the zoo. On the tour you'll uncover facts about individual animals and be taught how to spot more elusive species (such as the lovely Slender Loris, pictured).

The Sunset Safari Conservation Station will give people chance to speak directly to ZSL’s conservationists, scientists and keepers, who will share their tales from the field and fascinating facts from the world of wildlife. So, if you've always wanted to know if a giraffe lays down to sleep, why bats roost upside down, or what the heck is an Aye-aye and what does it eat, they'll be able to help.

Once you've filled your brain with animal facts, be entertained at Theatre of Life, where you can see live performances and expert demonstrations. And if the animal feeding has left you feeling peckish, hunt down your own preferred diet from over 25 hand-picked street food stalls at the World Food Market.

Round off the night at the Safari Base Camp where visitors can relax to an acoustic guitar performance as the sun sets. Not a bad way to kick off your weekend.

London Zoo Sunsets

ZSL London Zoo’s Sunset Safari series takes places every Friday 6-10pm from 5 June-17 July 2015. Tickets cost £20.80 for adults and £14.56 for children, and group discounts are also available. Book online via the ZSL London Zoo website.

Last Updated 16 April 2015