Take A Self-Guided Food And Drink Tour Around The City

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Take A Self-Guided Food And Drink Tour Around The City
Leadenhall Market

The City of London is full of food and drink heritage — from the capital’s oldest restaurant and ancient markets to modern distilleries and death-defying geese.

We’ve also linked up with a few of the venues you’ll visit on your route, to offer reductions or little extras. So, if you fancy feasting on some London food history in the City, here’s what to do:

  • Set aside a few hours in the City
  • You’ll need a smartphone or tablet and some form of internet connection
  • Grab some mates or go it alone — it doesn’t matter
  • It's possible to complete the route without entering any venues, so opening times aren't that important. But obviously it's nice to pop in for bites and pints along the way, so you might want to factor that in — a weekday evening would work well

Ready? Let's start...

Our tour starts on London Wall — the city’s original boundary — in the Museum of London.

If you want to grab a drink or food in one of the museum’s cafés before you get going, let the staff know you’re doing this tour (show them this page on your phone or tablet) and you’ll get 20% off.

You might want to warm up your brain by playing the Sherlock phone box game in the foyer. Once you’re ready, head to the museum’s starting point — London Before London.

Entering through the green walkway, you’ll come face-to-face with this skeletal fellow below, an extinct animal (and foodstuff) which roamed the area we now call London circa 245,000 BC.


To find your next destination you’ll need to tell us this animal’s name, it’s one of the below options. When you think you know the answer, click the link below to continue your tour — you’ll need to enter the answer before the next destination is revealed.

What is the extinct animal in the photo?

  1. apis bull
  2. aurochs
  3. gaur
  4. tembadau

To continue the tour and find out your next destination, follow the link below and enter the correct answer when prompted for a password. Type the word (e.g. “apis bull”) exactly as seen above, all lower case.


Last Updated 15 July 2016