If You Hate Cyclists Clap Your Hands, And The Rest Of Mayor's Question Time In Tweets

James Drury
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If You Hate Cyclists Clap Your Hands, And The Rest Of Mayor's Question Time In Tweets

Mayor of London Boris Johnson was in front of assembly members today for the last Mayor's Question Time before the election.

The meeting was heavy on transport matters, the public gallery packed with black cab drivers waiting to hear the Mayor being put under pressure over an increase in the number of illegal taxi touts and the rise of Uber. Also on the agenda was a series of questions and suggestions about how to prevent a repeat of the problems faced by commuters at London Bridge station.

Matters got underway with Boris recognising the large constituency of cabbies in the audience in typically provocative manner:

Funding for the controversial Garden Bridge was again high on the agenda with the Mayor defending criticism from Lib Dems and Labour over the decision to channel TfL budget into the proposal:

Boris responded:

And on the subject of bridges, a number of assembly members raised the transport shambles at London Bridge, including Labour's Valerie Shawcross:

Boris responded:

Shawcross stuck to the transport theme, moving on to ask what he plans to do about the reported rise in the number of taxi touts, and generating widespread approval from the gallery for taking an anti-Uber stance:

Assembly Lib Dem leader Caroline Pidgeon was also heavily supportive of the cabbies, eliciting this response:

Then it was the turn of Labour's Andrew Dismore to quiz the Mayor on cuts to the Met, and specifically, a reduction in the number of officers in Barnet.

Boris responded:

and then:

A line of serious questioning about the poor cleanliness of the air in London was interrupted (on Twitter, not in the chamber) in splendid coincidence, with this:

Which seems like a neat place to leave it. As Tom Copley put it:

Last Updated 25 March 2015