A Door In A Wall Presents: The Life And Death Of Paul Marrane

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A Door In A Wall Presents: The Life And Death Of Paul Marrane

marraneA Door In A Wall are back after a winter of thinking up dastardly plots and puns, with a new adventure, The Life and Death of Paul Marrane coming up in May.

Organised in collaboration with east London social landlord Poplar HARCA, the latest outing from ADIAW will see teams collecting clues around Chrisp Street Market to solve a mystery which combines local history and design with fantastical elements and contemporary themes:

The flurry of activity that followed the sudden demise of a perfect stranger was unexpected. There seemed no suggestion of foul play and he had no apparent close friends or family. Even his colleagues were not entirely certain what he did. But from the moment he collapsed on the floor of the bank, Professor Paul Marrane attracted the attention of some powerful figures.

Whispered rumours hint at a highly unusual life.

Now representatives of four influential organisations are descending upon the area of Poplar in east London, eager to be present at the reading of his will. Staking a successful claim to the estate will offer each of these factions Marrane's possessions – and his secrets. But what are their ultimate designs?

We're big fans of ADIAW's adventure games, last year we had to track down the murderer of the Paudaguyan ambassador in The Diplomatic Corpse and work out who killed faded 70s horror film star Don Gowin in A Stab in the Dark. The Life and Death of Paul Marrane promises to be just as clever and pun-tastic as its predecessors. As always, teams are recommended to be 3-6 people, expect to do a lot of walking, and come prepared with a smartphone and a witty and original team name.

The game will run on selected evenings from 1 -31 May, with additional afternoon dates on weekends. There are two sessions, afternoon from 1.30pm and evenings from 6.30pm. Tickets are £30 per person and go on sale at 10am on Monday 16 March. Book tickets via their website.

Last Updated 11 March 2015