Video: Hot And Cold Corner In Kensington

Geoff Marshall
By Geoff Marshall Last edited 39 months ago
Video: Hot And Cold Corner In Kensington

Just outside the Royal Geographical Society on Kensington Gore there's a little spot known to cab drivers as Hot and Cold Corner. But why? Mark Mason explains all in this 60 Second Video for Londonist.

Mark is the author of Walk The Lines and website The Importance of Being Trivial and can be found on Twitter @WalktheLinesLDN

Last Updated 04 February 2015


I've been a London Taxi driver for over 25 years and Never heard it called that, neither have I ever heard the Natural History Museum called "The Dead Zoo"
Both nicknames sound plausible but I think he's either making it up or the slang is so old it's dropped out of use


I thought "On the cotton" was going to be another euphemism for needing the toilet really badly like "Touching cloth".