Thinking Bob: Where Clever Londoners Go To Play

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Thinking Bob: Where Clever Londoners Go To Play

This is a sponsored article on behalf of thinking bob.


London's population may be swelling by the day, but living in a city that’s chock-a-block with humans doesn’t necessarily mean it’s any easier to meet new people.

Enter thinking bob, an on and offline social community where like-minded Londoners can get together and do... well, whatever they want. From pub quizzes to history tours, street games to murder mystery nights, thinking bob is a ready-made social circle where members can meet up and get out and about, exploring the best of London.

Here’s the thing. Yes, the pub is great (it certainly factors into many thinking bob events!), but this social club is about more than just a swift pint and some small talk. Events are tailored to get people thinking, get people talking, get people doing. Interactive, fun and more often than not, a little bit geeky, thinking bob's events are perfect for those looking for something that's sociable AND stimulating.

So, what's coming up on the thinking bob calendar over the next month?

  • Always wanted to be a detective? The Mystery Squad has a mission for you. Get ready for mind-bending puzzles and immersive stories.
  • Author Tom Jones steers you away from the small talk, and towards interesting conversations you wouldn’t usually have with strangers.
  • Things are getting 'Quite Interesting' in Shoreditch. Random facts with tasty pizza, at a QI-themed dinner.
  • A pub quiz … with real buzzers! The theme is Back to School, so be sure to swot up on your science, geography, history, English and maths.
  • Join the monthly film night to enjoy an early screening, followed by a post-film drink and discussion.
  • Put on your debating hat and get stuck into a good old topical discussion at this monthly debate night.
  • Can you help Sherlock and Watson solve their most recent investigation of 'Guess Whom?’ It's a game of deduction, mystery and treasure hunting, set in the bleak streets of Victorian Westminster.

Tempted? The first month of membership is free (£1 joining fee) so you can pop along to a couple of events to see if it’s right for you. A host of online tools means its easy to keep track of upcoming events, who you’ve met, and your growing social circles. Seasoned members can even use thinking bob to host their own socials.

Since launching in 2013, thinking bob has accrued over 5,000 members throughout the capital and over 60% of their events are run by members who have signed up, met others, and created their own social circles. In short, there’s a whole lot going on, and a whole lot for you to be part of. Sign up today and see who you can meet tomorrow.

Visit the thinking bob website for more details about them, their events and membership. You can also keep up to date via their Twitter feed and Facebook page.

Last Updated 07 November 2018