How To Explore London's Museums And Galleries

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How To Explore London's Museums And Galleries
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London is replete with museums and galleries. But there are two problems:

  • The big ones are often too busy to enjoy.
  • The small ones... well, you might not have heard of them.

So we've put this handy chart together to help you discover some of the smaller venues around town. The best way to browse is to home in on one of the major museums (in red), then follow the arrows around.

And here it is as a PDF (44 MB) if you want to control the zoom level: Show me the PDF

Last Updated 19 January 2016

Lettie Mckie



Wow, this is fantastic. If you make a printable version, I'd definitely buy one.


I've been to quite a lot of these smaller museums but there are a lot more up there I've never heard of or been to. I LOVE museums and I LOVE London so this is a list I'll keep handy for my next visit! Cheers!

Emerson Povey

Fab. On the small/niche side can also recommend the Clock Museum, just in the Guildhall.


Wow! Thanks very much.


this is really brilliant Matt

Dominic B B Salter

The picture won't load, and neither will the pdf


Good job. Thanks a lot! Handy chart is an easy tool to find museums and gallaries within few minutes. You did a favour for people!

Marie S.

Please forgive my excited caps, but THIS IS THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN ON THE INTERNET!!!
Thank you, guys!
I love museums and now I love you :)


Fantastic - thank you. Can you fit in 2 Temple Place? Only open to the public for a few months each year but really worth visiting and it's free.


This is a lovely thing, & yet another reason for me to bore on at people at why Londonist is one of the best things on t'Interweb.

Wantin' to know

Where can I learn the open days and hours?... and the costs?


Have you considered doing one of these for Open House Weekend? That would be amazing! :)

Penny @ OnePennyTourist

What a great little flowchart. I've not heard of some of them so will definitely check out some of the more niche places in future.

Josef Dunne

This is very useful! I may have missed them but what about Hornimans Museum & The Old Operating Theatre & Garet (strange goings on there!).

Giuseppe A. D'Angelo

Such a great piece of work!!! I can't imagine the effort it's needed to build up something like this! You guys delivered all us museum buffs a great service!
I noticed the Korean Culture Centre is missing, is it because can't be really classified as a museum? (well, neither can London Eye...). Anyway, it's a few steps from Trafalgar Square, hosts interesting exhibition about Korea history and has a big book and movie library. And it's FREE!!! :)