A Blooming Of Provocative Theatre At Sprint Festival

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Last Updated 21 February 2015

A Blooming Of Provocative Theatre At Sprint Festival

2Magpies perform The Litvinenko Project using the medium of tea

Since launching 17 years ago as a showcase for ‘physical, visual and unusual theatre’, Sprint  at Camden People’s Theatre has been the springboard for many companies now boasting a cult-like reputation. Unlimited Theatre, Cartoon de Salvo, Fevered Sleep and Shunt all started out at Sprint. But that’s not the main reason to make a dash for this eclectic and intriguing bill of performances running from 5-29 March. Alluringly original yet unpretentious, there is a lot here to reel you in. Here’s what caught our eye:

Particles by Bolton theatre maker and Belarus Free Theatre collaborator, Josh Coates, is about hope and retracing the decisions that shape us. Through the telling and retelling of the same day in the life of one man, different paths are chosen leading to a glorious cacophony of love and chaos.

The Litvinenko Project by Nottingham based theatre company 2Magpies Theatre pieces together the day Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned, through unusual means. Expect an aromatic blend of possibility, actuality, fact, fiction, documentary, theatricality and tea — actual tea.

Jamal Harewood's The Privileged explores race, community and working-class identity through a participatory evening set in the Arctic. Be prepared to remove shoes, coats and bags to encounter a mysterious predator. (Note: limited tickets per show for up to 30 people.)

Everything I Bought and How It Made Me Feel is performer and poet Harry Giles's year long journey in shopping. After recording every purchase he ever made in painstaking public detail, Harry failed to make a compromise with consumerism and now asks: is there a way to do it all better?

Sprint 2015 at Camden People’s Theatre, 58-60 Hampstead Road NW1, runs from 5-29 March. Events cost from £8-£12 and start times vary from 6.30pm to 9pm.