Union Announces 'Last Resort' Bus Strikes As Talks Break Down

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Union Announces 'Last Resort' Bus Strikes As Talks Break Down

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The Unite union has announced three further 24 hour bus strikes after failing to reach a resolution with operators over pay disparities.

The latest stoppages will run from 12.01 to 11:59 on 5 February, 13 February and 16 February. Unite regional officer Wayne King said:

“We firmly believe that there is a simple solution to be had but sadly the refusal by the operators to engage in collective talks is risking the inevitable disruption that strike action will bring to passengers.

“The travelling public understand that further strike action is the last resort and can be avoided if the operators agree to talk collectively about the pay chaos on London’s buses. Bus passengers pay one fare, so why don’t bus drivers get paid the same rate for doing the same job?"

Unite is urging bus operators to return to the table for talks to avert further strikes. The union argues that a lack of a collective pay deal across London's 18 bus operators has led to inequalities, with some drivers on the same routes being paid differently. Transport for London (TfL) say pushing up drivers' pay would cost around £100m per year. TfL's director of buses Mike Weston said:

"As in all professions, bus drivers have different levels of experience and it is only right that this can be reflected in pay."

A previous walkout on 13 January saw widespread disruption across London, especially at Brixton station where larger than usual crowds, twinned with escalator works, led to hordes of commuters unable to get into the station.

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What incentive is there for these companies to raise pay and benefits to attract talent if they're all on the same playing field? There are court cases against this sort of thing because it's bad for employee rights.

But I think the simple solution is drop all their bloody wages to the lowest one out of the range. If they want parity, give them parity and reap the consequences.


Does it cost the same to live near each depot? I can't imagine that drivers working from the Stockwell depot are paying the same rent as drivers working from the Bromley depot

Andy Brice

I'm not sure this equal pay thing is a good idea. If it's averaged out, surely it will just result in lower pay for half of all bus drivers?

James Guppy

Good luck drivers - hope you get what you want!

Harry Kobeans

Is his name really Wayne King?


More cycle lanes, extend the cycle hire to all zone 2 stations. There, fixed it.


As far as Unite are concerned, what they really want is to control all pay negotiations so that they can work with the RMT to bring London transport to a total halt in attempts to drive up pay


So does this mean that the bus drivers are lazy


so let me get this straight


Mr wayne king can go fuck himself

Kevin Lollypop

I'm in hospital, what'dya expect with this country, for pete's sake. Wayne King you're a toffee nosed tart. - Kev


"Bus passengers pay one fare, so why don’t bus drivers get paid the same rate for doing the same job?”.

Correction, we pay one fare that increases every year with the level of service staying the same.

I think it's time the public went on transport strike for a day. Lets see what happens when we refuse to pay constantly increasing fares.