Londoners Declare: Je Suis Charlie

James Drury
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Londoners Declare: Je Suis Charlie

Charlie vigil 2

All images by Zefrog via the Londonist Flickr pool

An impromptu vigil took place in Trafalgar Square last night to honour the staff of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and police officers who were murdered in Paris by les chiens who can't take a joke.

Charlie vigil 1

Hundreds of people held up pens, notebooks and signs declaring "Je Suis Charlie" — I am Charlie.

CHarlie vigil 3

Dean Stoker told the Telegraph:

"I am just here out of solidarity. I was really sickened by what I saw today. It is an incredibly important thing, freedom of the press and tolerance of others."

Last Updated 08 January 2015


I'm french and living in Paris.

That's very impressive the way people react in the world.

And it gives hope in human being.


I am a londoner who was unable to make it to the vigil. I am proud that people are coming together in solidarity against these atrocious acts against humanity. Although I am saddened that the fact that one of the targets was french Jews seems to be glossed over. Does that not matter? Charlie Hebdo was targeted because of their exercising of their free speech, which shold be defended to the hilt. The kosher supermarket was targeted because there were Jews there. Why are these victims not worth mentioning or standing in solidarity with? People should be free to exercise free speech without fear of being murdered. Equally people should be free to be jewish without fear of being murdered.
I am Charlie.
I am the police.
I am french Jews.


I live in Peterborough, which is a couple hours away from London, so naturally I could not join the crowds, but I want to say Je Suis Charlie in defiance, and to be in some way be a part of this.

This is for my fellow Britons who were executed by Jihadist extremists, and for Lee Rigby, who was murdered in the streets just because he served his country with pride and passion. In fact, this is for everyone, American, European or Asian, black, white or brown, who has fallen victim to terrorists who call themselves Muslims.
Je suis Charlie.
I am Charlie.
And I am proud to call myself British and a Christian. God bless Western Civilisation.