Is Camden Really Getting A Cereal Killer Café?

Ben Norum
By Ben Norum Last edited 40 months ago
Is Camden Really Getting A Cereal Killer Café?

Cereal Killer Café founders Gary (left) and Alan Keery

Just over a month after the Cereal Killer Café opened its doors on Brick Lane — and kicked off a whole lot of chat about prices and gentrification in the process — talk has turned to a second site in Camden.

The café’s founders, Belfast-born twin brothers Alan and Gary Keery, first mentioned the plan for the second branch during an interview with Marketing Week. We visited the café today and spoke with Alan, who confirmed that opening a Cereal Killer Café in Camden is at the top of their agenda, but that it’s still some way off:

“We definitely do want to expand, and Camden is the right place for us — it’s energetic and creative, in the same way that Shoreditch is. But we haven’t even looked seriously for a site yet.”

Given the café appears to be perpetually busy — mid-morning on a January weekday, it was at least two thirds full — and it has sold more than 20,000 bowls since its opening, a second site certainly seems to make good business sense.

Alan also told us that the brothers have several meetings with publishers lined up, to discuss releasing a cookery book later in the year. “The idea is a book of recipes for cooking with cereals,” he explains —  probably best given a book all about how to pour milk over your chosen cereal could be a little bland.

We couldn’t leave without tucking into a bowl of cereal, so opted for a brand new creation, recommended by Alan, which was yet to make it onto the menu — a bowl of chocolate shreddies topped with a couple of Jaffa Cakes and served with orange juice instead of milk. The verdict? It’s not for the faint of stomach, but it is wonderfully indulgent, sort of like a chocolate orange in a bowl. And it will definitely ensure you leave the premises as high as a kite.

Move over Rice Krispie cakes and Shredded Wheat cakes. What cereal recipes would you contribute to a cookery book? Let us know your suggestions in the comments below. Seafood cornflake paella or Rice Krispie risotto anyone?

Read our first impressions of Cereal Killer Café from the morning it opened.

Last Updated 15 January 2015


Hope this place is over 18's only.


British Indians make 'chivda' - a type of Bombay mix - by mixing together a wide range of breakfast cereals and frying them with mustard seeds, curry leaves, asafoetida, green chillies, etc. It sounds bizarre, but it's a contemporary take on a traditional snack that's utterly delicious with a cup of tea - or, even better, chilled beer.

James Guppy

What's wrong with Gary - what's he got against tattoos anyway? Or does he want to be "an individual" that much....

Tony the Tiger

Weekday breakfast times there is almost no one in there, though they line up in the freezing cold for half an hour plus at weekends. Meanwhile the pussy cat café around the corner has cut it's opening hours back now the novelty has worn off and the customers gone away. Better milk it while it lasts guys. Todays cereals are tomorrows burlesque/ukes/beards.


Good luck to them!


I think they need to be cautious before thinking about expansion... this has 'popup' appeal written all over it. But good luck to them.