Calling All Renters: A Day Of Talks Just For You

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 50 months ago
Calling All Renters: A Day Of Talks Just For You


Renting in London? Yeah, we know, it's not always fun. Generation Rent knows it too, and they're putting together a day for tenants to come together, talk about some of the major problems, lobby politicians ahead of the general election and just partake in a spot of solidarity.

Take your pick from various sessions. There's one on finding out your rights, and one on rent control featuring Diane Abbott, Owen Jones and the Chair of the Residential Landlords Association and hosted by Jonn Elledge of the New Statesman (and Londonist). Other topics include migrants, fuel poverty, house prices, decent home standards and renting as a student.

It'll be useful and enlightening and it's all free (though if you can donate some money towards the costs of the conference, Generation Rent will thank you). Register now for Rent Freedom Day (and maybe book the day off work) to attend on Wednesday 4 February, at Central Hall Westminster.

Last Updated 18 January 2015