Holidays Are Coming (As Is A Hulking Great Lorry)

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 41 months ago
Holidays Are Coming (As Is A Hulking Great Lorry)
The truck at the O2 last year. Photo: Khedara
The truck at the O2 last year. Photo: Khedara
At Covent Garden in 2012. Photo: Martin Stitchener
At Covent Garden in 2012. Photo: Martin Stitchener

Ah, the sweet scent of mulled wine and roasted chestnuts. A blanket of twinkling lights across the city and beyond. The excited look on kids' faces as they count down to the big day. Christmassy enough? No?! How about a big, red, pollution-belching juggernaut with a fat man on the side winking at you?

If Christmas doesn't begin for you until the Coca-Cola* truck rolls into town, it's going to be a bittersweet festive season. Holidays are coming to London (hurrah, sigh of relief, roll out the red carpet, etc.), HOWEVER, our great city is the final stop on its tour of the country — so the festivities don't arrive until 20 December. That's right ladies and gents, — put that box of tinsel down and step away from the Christmas tree. Christmas doesn't start for more than a fortnight yet.

If you DO want to glimpse this vision of capitalism on wheels, and have your picture taken with it, these are your opportunities to do so:

  • Potters Field Park (near City Hall) - 20 December
  • Bishops Square,  Spitalfields - 22 December
  • Wembley Designer Outlet -  23 December

Find more information about the tour here. Because Christmas without Coca-Cola is like Easter without, er, Coca-Cola.

*Other fizzy and not-at-all-festive drinks are available.

Photos: Khedara and Martin Stitchener

Last Updated 03 December 2014


Yeah, nothing says Christmas in London like a huge American truck.

The London Lorry Control Scheme is meant to ban HGVs in London outside of permitted hours. Any chance someone could report Coca Cola to TfL or maybe get them fined...? I appreciate that isn't the true spirit of Christmas but neither is a big feck-off truck. ;)


Confused as the Coca-Cola truck was parked outside my office on Hatton Garden with Santa and a choir and free coke (ice cold of course) on November 21. so Christmas arrived way too early for me!!


Yeah, and the Festive Costa coffee, and the festive streetfood Christmas burger, and the festive mulled wine, and the festive shopping trip to Oxford Street et al are all VERY Christmas and celebrating the birth of Christ. I find it hilarious that there's a sudden snootiness about the purity of Christmas going on!