Fabric Nightclub To Close?

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 41 months ago
Fabric Nightclub To Close?

Photo: Tim Boddy

Fabric, the famous nightclub on Charterhouse Street in Farringdon, faces closure due to a series of drug-related deaths in the past few months.

An Islington Council licensing committee meets tonight to decide whether the venue should have its license revoked, forcing it to close.

Following a reported eight drug-related incidents in the last three years — including four deaths — police called for a review of the venue's licence. Further details of the Licence Review Application, including letters in favour of, and against, the closure of the venue, can be seen here.

Having said this, Fabric's website currently has events at the venue listed until April next year, and there are suggestions that tonight's meeting could result in heightened security measures being imposed on the venue, rather than it closing completely.

A Facebook group was today set up to save Fabric, with nearly 3,000 likes at time of writing. A change.org petition titled Renew Fabric's license, also inaugurated today, has received over 200 signatures.

Last Updated 18 December 2014


"Having said this, Fabric’s website currently has events at the venue listed until April next year"

Nothing can be read into that. They're not going to cancel all their events because they may be shut - they need to continue business as usual.

Andy Brice

This may sound callous, but if a bunch of careless people poison themselves to death in a club, I don't think that's the club's fault. Bouncers are not babysitters.

James Guppy

I stopped going years and years ago - for some reason it just seemed to attract the worst crowd - people grabbing at my g/f's arse on the dancefloor. All the females I know refused to go after a while. I was disappointed as I liked the club and the music programming is cutting edge and always has been - it would be a shame if it had to close.