Try Your Luck At Our Unwrong Quiz

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Try Your Luck At Our Unwrong Quiz

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Have a phobia of being humiliated with the wooden spoon at your local pub quiz? We have the answer to your worries. Well, we SAY we have the answer... in fact there are no wrong answers in the Unwrong Quiz. And that's the whole point: there's no need to fear looking like a numpty.

The Unwrong Quiz is the brainchild of artist and compere extraordinaire Frog Morris and his partner in crime, comedian Mark Quinn. After a lengthy hiatus (things were put on hold when the quiz's home, Peckham's Montague Arms closed in 2012) The Unwrong Quiz returns on 8 November (yup that's tomorrow afternoon), with an earlier time slot of 2.30pm. There's more good news — the Montague Arms is up and running again, and that's where the quiz is being hosted.

Your typical Unwrong Quiz paper.

Says Unwrong's website:

"The Unwrong Quiz celebrates people who can't remember the capital city of every country in the world or who won the FA cup in 1932, but might think of something useful to do with a ball of plasticine, twelve meters of garden hose and David Hasselhoff's chest hair. The audience are asked to write stories, make up jokes, draw pictures, compose poetry and deface diagrams, with the best answers winning a prize."

As well as the above hi-jinx, there is live music and poetry from the likes of Voter Kernel, Richard Tyrone Jones and Darren Callow.

Why the early time slot? Frog explains:

"In the intervening time many of our regulars have got older, had children and moved to the hinterlands. On Saturday we are trying out a new afternoon slot so parents can bring kids and nobody has to worry about the last train home."

Ahead of tomorrow's Unwrong Quiz we asked Frog to write us 10 Unwrong questions, in order to get our brains in the right (weird) frame of mind. Feel free to post your answers in the comments below.

1. We are evacuating Planet Earth. You have 5 minutes to pack. What is the first thing you put in your suitcase?

2. If you are thinking outside of the box, what is inside the box? (the most popular answer for this so far has been Eamonn Holmes)

3. Name an item that might fit though that box in an all night garage? It does not have to be something that is already in the all night garage.

4. The other day I was organising all the things in the cupboard under the sink into 3 boxes. One was a box of large things. One was a box of medium sized things. One was a box of small boxes. Name an item that could be put into a box of medium sized things?

5. Last night I managed to complete the triathlon which is where you eat three types of take away in one evening. I ate fish and chips, a chicken variety meal and a kebab. What is your greatest achievement this week?

6. What’s brown and sticky? That’s not the question. A brown Vauxhall Astra covered in Marmite is the stickiest brown thing I can think of but what is the stickiest brown thing you can think of?

7. All mammals produce milk and thus cheese. What kind of cheese would you least like to eat?

8. Please complete the poem

Roses are red
Violets are Blue
I quite like you
But ...

9. If you were electrocuted by radiation and suddenly became a giant, which bit of London would you stamp on first?

10. Draw a diagram

The Unwrong Quiz is on 8 November at 2.30pm, at the Montague Arms, 289 New Cross Road SE14 2PA. Tickets are £3.80 in advance and £5 on the door, under 18s go free (but must be accompanied by a paying adult).

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