Stik Paints World's Tallest Street Artwork

James Drury
By James Drury Last edited 42 months ago
Stik Paints World's Tallest Street Artwork

The 38.2 metre mural has been painted on a tower block which is due for demolition in 2016. Image © Stik (by Joyce/Division)

Street artist Stik has just finished creating the tallest piece of street art in the world — a 38.2 metre high mural on a condemned council tower block in Acton.

Big Mother depicts a mother and child looking forlornly from their council block at the luxury apartment complexes being built around them. The mural is visible from not only the Piccadilly Line, but also on some London flight paths.

Stik, who was once homeless, said: "Affordable housing in Britain is under threat; this piece is to remind the world that all people need homes."

The impressive work has been painted on Charles Hocking House on Bollo Bridge Road, which was built for low income families in 1967 and is earmarked for demolition in 2016. It's a 10 minute walk from Acton Town tube station.

See also: Map of Stik works.

EDIT: An Ealing Council spokesperson has asked us to add the following:

“We would like to make it clear that  nobody living on the old estate is being pushed out. The plans for the estate were developed with residents’ full cooperation and people have been so impressed with the quality of the build that now 80% of residents want to stay on the estate whereas before 80% of people wanted to move away. It would be far more accurate to report that ‘luxury’ flats are being built for residents, not around them. Half the 'luxury' apartments being built in the new block opposite the artwork are affordable, and many of the residents from Charles Hocking House will be moving there.”

Last Updated 20 November 2014


To be fair, those aren't luxury developments being built. But in any event, most of them *will* be unaffordable to people who aren't earning twice the average London salary.

Carrie Reichardt

£350,000 for a one bedroom flat is a luxury development - that is not social housing. That is not in the price range of most people.


Nicely done.


Great depiction of the hideous gentrification of Acton.Not for the people but for the money it may bring in


Such a nice guy is Stik,... Well worth the trip into deepest Acton to admire this wonderful artwork..

Mitch Hicks

I was lucky to meet Stik as he returned with more paint on Monday. A really nice guy who's art I much admire..

Acton Feedback

I don't think the reality of this development actually fits the political message, much as I love the artwork. The scheme being built opposite the mural is where tenants from the old block can move to if they choose. They will be paying social rents ie: Council level rents. The South Acton scheme will return the same number of affordable units as are being demolished and homes for sale cross-subsidise the affordable homes.