Pervert Filming Up Woman's Skirt 'Is Crossrail Worker'

Andy Thornley
By Andy Thornley Last edited 116 months ago

Last Updated 10 November 2014

Pervert Filming Up Woman's Skirt 'Is Crossrail Worker'

The ID badge — bearing the Crossrail logo — was caught on camera by the person filming up a woman's skirt. The ID clearly is visible in this screenshot.

A pervert who filmed up the skirt of a woman travelling on public transport appears to have caught himself on camera — by capturing the Crossrail ID badge he's wearing in footage uploaded to an adult website.

The man twice inadvertently films the ID pass he is wearing, before and after pointing a hidden camera up the skirt of his victim. The clip has been viewed over 2,700 times and appears to have been filmed in a tube station. Public address announcements are audible in the background.

After being tipped off about the video, a Londonist investigation uncovered that the user who added this footage has also posted a number of similar clips where a concealed camera was pointed up various women's skirts or dresses in London, including one other clip where the same pass is also visible.

We told British Transport Police of the existence of the footage, and a spokesperson said officers are now investigating.

A spokesperson for Crossrail said:

"This behaviour is totally unacceptable and will be thoroughly investigated. We are appalled that anyone working on Crossrail could have been involved in this kind of disgraceful activity. Crossrail has informed the British Transport Police that we will provide any assistance we can to enable this individual to be identified."

According to the Transport for London safety and security survey, around 15% of women have experienced unwanted sexual behaviour on the network. British Transport Police is running Project Guardian — a long-term project which aims to reduce the number of offences.

Bryony Beynon, co-director of anti street-harassment campaign Hollaback London, told Londonist:

"We receive regular stories of phones being used in sexual offences, especially on buses and tubes. This one is made even more horrendous as it appears to be an opportunistic worker abusing a position of relative trust. Employees have the right to work without fear or intimidation so why do women passengers have to put up with disgusting creepy behaviour? It just doesn't add up."