Who Would You Like To Make Tube Announcements?

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Who Would You Like To Make Tube Announcements?

tannoyTransport for London has drafted in a host of celebrities to make announcements on public transport for the Royal British Legion's London Poppy Day tomorrow.

Commuters will be able to hear the dulcet tones of Barbara Windsor, Sir Terry Wogan and Joanna Lumley telling us to mind the gap at more than 70 tube stations, all London buses and Network Rail main line stations.London Mayor Boris Johnson has seemingly passed on a further opportunity to annoy passengers with recorded announcements.

There will also be entertainment across the transport network with performances from a variety of bands, buskers and X Factor group Rough Copy to raise money for the Royal British Legion.

Much as we'd have liked to hear Benedict Cumberbatch at Baker Street, we're very much looking forward to being bellowed at by Brian Blessed at Theydon Bois. But who else would you like to hear reminding you to stand clear of the closing doors? We think there's an opportunity here to match up a celeb with a station or line. Michael Caine on the Piccadilly line? The Queen at Victoria? Chris Hemsworth at Charing Cross? Joey Essex at Chigwell? Tell us in the comments box below.

Photo by Simon Crubellier in the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 29 October 2014


Boris Becker at Wimbledon. Linton Kwesi Johnson at Brixton. Thierry Henry at Arsenal. Gwyneth Powell at Grange Hill. Mo Farah at Stratford. Ricky Gervais at Brent Cross. Monty Don at Kew Gardens. Nigel Farage at White City (it's what he wants after all). Ossie Ardiles at Tottingham Hale.


Alec Guiness for Ealing Broadway...although that might prove a bit difficult...


Samuel. L. Jackson.
End of.


Bobcat Goldthwait!


Benedict of course. (Anywhere, everywhere)...! Though I might just stay on the tube forever and never reach my destination...!


Rab C. Nesbitt...


Definitely Linton Kwesi-Johnson for Brixton!

Dan Woodhouse

well I can only think of one person really - me

would make a nice change

Geoff Marshall

Was at London Bridge last night, and for some reason the guy that does the X-Factor voiceovers was booming out something as I came up the escalator.... disturbing.


Hugh Grant - Notting Hill
Daniel Radcliffe - Kings Cross
Hugh Laurie - Prince Regent
Liz Hurley - Kensington
Snoop Dog - Barking


Some excellent lists here! Inspired work. I got to Liverpool Street today expecting to be boomed at by Brian Blessed but got Joanna Lumley's soothing tones instead.

Bunny London

William shatner would be brilliant


Ray Winstone at Bethnal Green would work.
Alan Carr at Bank for comedic purposes.


Paul Macartney for St John's Wood


Jude Law at Mornington Terrace, Damien Lewis at Swiss Cottage (it is a bit spooky seeing him there rather than in Iraq or Kabul) , Paul McCartney at St Johns Wood, Helena Bonham Carter at Belsize Park


I heard Brian Blessed on the number 277 7:02am last friday morning going through Victoria Park, That woke us all up I can tell you.

Christopher Fowler

I'd have liked Kenneth Williams, but will settle for Roger Allam's dulcet bass.