Wingit Now Available on Android

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Wingit Now Available on Android

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Wingit street art

Android phone users rejoice! No longer will you be wandering about with a blank expression on your face wondering what to do —  handy app Wingit is now available for you, too.

Previously only available on iPhone, the ′andy app solves the problem of "I want to do something now, but what is going on and — most importantly — is it any good?"

We've all been there — drinks after work turn into something more than a pint and a dash for the tube. Suddenly, spontaneity seems sinister. Brains are wracked, Twitter is searched, but everyone's drawing a blank.

Wingit — which has recently added Paris to its list of cities — uses your location and scans social media to find cool stuff near where you are — meaning you don't get suggestions such as "Ballroom Dancing in Enfield" when you're looking for a party in Southwark.

From 'in-the-know' pop-up restaurants to street art, guerrilla gigs to fashion shows, all London's wondrous world is at your fingertips. In just a couple of seconds you'll have a plethora of ideas to pick from and the only thing you'll have to worry about is which one to choose.

Wingit is free to download and use from the App Store and Google Play. Wingit is also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Last Updated 25 September 2014