Son Of Ian Dury Brings Pleasure To Village Underground

Chris Lockie
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Son Of Ian Dury Brings Pleasure To Village Underground

Image courtesy of Kmeron via Flickr

Baxter Dury might one day get sick of being described as the son of legendary London singer Ian Dury, but for the time being it's likely the easiest way to get new fans on board. Not everybody knows that the Blockheads frontman had a son, not everyone knows that the son is a singer, and certainly not enough know that he's doing his father bloody proud.

He's been at it for a good long while now in fact, having released his debut album, Len Parrot's Memorial Lift, as long ago as 2002. The album marked Baxter out as an original new voice, setting aside his dad's shoutier output in favour of thoughtful and often quite weird songs with titles like Gingham Smalls 2 and Fungus Hedge. At the time the record was well received, but stardom appears to have eluded Baxter since, despite strong second and third albums to back it up.

Well, enough is enough — he's just asigned a new deal with [PIAS] Recordings, a fourth album is on the way and it's time you people started getting in a lather about it. It's a Pleasure arrives on 20 October, and is preceded by the single Palm Trees, the video for which sees Baxter in a soiled hospital robe (occasional flash of cheek) wandering confusedly across the Millennium Bridge. Baxter was born in Buckinghamshire but it's nice of him to reassure us that he's carrying on his father's powerful London association. You can watch the video below.

Baxter is off on a European tour in November, which includes a London date at the 100 Club that enough sensible music fans have already caused to sell out. Happily he'll be back on 24 February next year with a show at Village Underground in Shoreditch (the only gig at the venue so far announced as far ahead as next year). This will also sell out fast and now you'll not be able to blame Londonist if you miss the boat.

Please take a moment to explore Baxter's back catalogue and snap up a ticket to the gig because the next time we mention Baxter Dury on Londonist we want to mention his father no more than once, in passing. It's about time he was recognised as a serious talent in his own right by more than just those in the know, as he's a hell of a lot more than just that little boy on the front of the Blockheads's New Boots and Panties!! album.

Baxter Dury plays Village Underground on 24 February 2015, and tickets are available for £12.40 each from Songkick. His new album, It's a Pleasure, is out on 20 October.

Last Updated 01 September 2014