Photograph Every Street With Bleeding London

Rachel Holdsworth
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Photograph Every Street With Bleeding London

Kilburn street by Steve Reed from the Londonist Flickr pool

If you're putting together a photography project, there's nothing like having ambition. Bleeding London is a concept from the Royal Photographic Society London and aims to catalogue a photo from every street in London — 73,000 of them — by 31 October 2014.

It's inspired by Geoff Nicholson's book Bleeding London, in which a character called Stuart London walks all London's streets. Nicholson himself says it seems "an utterly improbable idea, which is to say I also thought it was a brilliant one". They've got 18,000 pics to date, so quite a way to go, and partly why there are meetups organised to go snapping (try the one this Sunday in Brixton).

It's not just for fun. There's a competition with a camera and society medals up for grabs, and RPS London will host an exhibition next year with one photo from every street. Every participant is guaranteed to have at least one image in the exhibition.

Photos must have been taken after 7 March 2014. Upload them to the RPS website and, of course, have a browse to see if your street has made it in yet. (If not, you know what to do.)

Last Updated 09 September 2014

Footprints of London

Footprints of London are hosting a talk about Bleeding London and a preview of the exhibition as part of our Literary Footprints Festival on October 31st see for details

Corporate Photographer

Great idea and nice if the shots could include the London street signs


This reminds me of a project called 'Thames; Dark River, Still Shining'. Where photographer Tom Farmer documents the communities in and around the Thames, from source to sea. The project took over two years to complete and the exhibition has been travelling down the Thames this summer.
Last chance to catch it at

Corporate Photographer

With the street sign it gives the image the sense of place

Greg Tingey

The one thing you cannot find, not even on the RPS website is ...
How to check up & how to enter ...
Err, um HELP?