London News Roundup

Will Noble
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London News Roundup

Only 25 per cent of tube stations have step-free access. Photo by Nigel Bewley, in the Londonist Flickr pool.

  • Alice Gross' last movements along the Grand Union Canal have been reconstructed in the hope someone's memory may be jogged.
  • Hounslow landlords ordered to take sledgehammers to 144 'beds in sheds'.
  • Met Police PC wants to quit the force to become a priest. Court says nope.
  • Wyndham Place — the former home of Sir Fabian Ware, who recorded the graves of World War One dead — has had a blue plaque installed.
  • Hong Kong may have higher buildings than London but we've got sky-higher prices. So ner.
  • Here's what happens when you try to repeat that 'Race the Tube' stunt in a wheelchair.
  • Hypodermic needles in the fireplace and rats in the basement... welcome to the delightful world of the 'property guardian'.
  • What's Shanghai up to with our iconic cabs? Okay, we painted a few postboxes gold, but there was a REASON for that.
  • Happy animal news end bit: Just look at these kingfishers making their home among the flotsam and jetsom of London's waterways. Pretty, ain't they?

Last Updated 25 September 2014


The # of Tube stations with step-free access (mostly suburban) is even worse since lifts are constantly out of order. TfL seems to look at any lift which isn't essential (i.e. ones that are the only platform access) as something to fix sometime-next-year-maybe.

When they are working, they are often regarded as a "special-needs-only" part of the infrastructure - as in 'Could I please use the lift?" "Why - you don't look disabled". Compare to everywhere else (US, EU, Asia) where lifts just... work.