Hackney Wonderland Tickets Going Cheap For One Day Only

Chris Lockie
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Hackney Wonderland Tickets Going Cheap For One Day Only

Image of Art Brut courtesy of 'J' via Flickr

We're a day behind the curve with this one (it was a 48-hour offer... sorry), but for the rest of today (Friday 5 September), tickets for the excellent Hackney Wonderland event are going for a steal. A mere £10 for a line-up featuring 20 or more of the finest emerging bands to currently be slinging guitars around necks, across three venues on one fine Hackney afternoon? Oh yes, that'll do.

On 11 October, the people behind the Cherry Cola club night in Camden's Purple Turtle will decamp a little to the east, commandeering The Laundry, Oslo and the London Fields Brewery to put on a line-up of music to mostly jump up and down to. These venues will also be serving fuel to make jumping up and down far easier, though that's not included in the tenner price of the ticket (which rises to £15 if you're NOT reading this on Friday 5 September).

On the bill are a number of bands who have the people who tell you what music you're going to like all excited. Among them are the never-dull Art Brut and cult US outfit Crocodiles. And if you can't dance to Little Comets, there's something seriously wrong with you.

As you would hope, there is London representation on the bill. Here are three of our very own for you to track down at Hackney Wonderland.

The Oscillation

Shoegaze is once again all the rage, and this trio are one of the bands who deserve to capitalise on it. Here is their swirly track From Tomorrow.


A band of the 'baggy' variety who haven't received anything like the recognition they deserve from their excellent Graceless album of last year. Well we love them even if the great unwashed remain inexplicably oblivious. Here is Diamonds In Ashes from the aforementioned album.


What to make of this lot? It's almost glam, but just reigns itself in enough to get away without the shiny clothes. A weird start, a weird middle and a weird end — make of their track, Swell, what you will.

Hackney Wonderland takes place in three Hackney venues on 11 October. Tickets are available from Billetto, priced £10 if you get a shift on and £15 if you don't (as usual, all prices quoted will have a booking fee added to them).

Last Updated 05 September 2014