Destination Star Trek: Everyone Who's Ever Been In Trek Is Coming To ExCel

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Destination Star Trek: Everyone Who's Ever Been In Trek Is Coming To ExCel

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OK, bit of a titular exaggeration, but the publicity photograph for this sci-fi convention pretty much tells you everything you need to know. With the exception of a couple of tribbles and the ginger kid at the back of Alexander's school class, it looks like just about anyone who's ever boarded a starship will be at Destination Star Trek at the weekend*.

Until someone invents an actual holodeck, this annual convention is the biggest ensemble of cast and crew from the various films and series that you'll find in London. Visitors can enjoy talks by the stars, seek out autographs and merchandise, peruse a museum of props and costumes, watch screenings, or destroy their own minds in the 'Borg Regeneration Chamber'.

Ticket prices start from £29 (Junior Acting Ensign?), but go all the way up through the ranks with Lieutenant Package (£225), Commander Package (£299), Captain Package (£899) and the deluxe Admiral Package (£2,999), which practically gets you a two-week holiday on Risa with the entire cast and a curious Ferengi.

Destination Star Trek is at ExCel, Royal Docks, 3-5 October 2014.

*OK, on reflection, we're still wildly exaggerating. Frakes has cancelled, Mulgrew seems to be missing in the Delta Quadrant again, Avery Brooks is a Deep Space "Nein", Bakula has boldly gone, Nimoy's Skyping in, and the rebooted films are poorly represented... but John De Lancie's confirmed so anything is possible.

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