Preview: Wotever DIY Film Festival

Will Noble
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Preview: Wotever DIY Film Festival


You don't need a gazillion quid to make a cracking film. That's the mantra of Wotever DIY Film Festival, which will prove that less is more for the third year running. The four-day frugal film fest — running from 30 August to 2 September — screens lo-fi films created by the world's LGBTQI community, and is rich in thought-provoking material.

Though many films touch on equality, or the lack thereof — subjects are diverse. At the darker end of the spectrum are pieces like Dosa (2010), which tells of a South African girl who has suffered 'corrective rape'. The festival's We Love Berlin! section, meanwhile, features two films documenting the challenges faced by the gay community in modern day Germany.

Things take a sensual turn with Another Woman's Scent (2014) — a tale of sexual awakening — and we're intrigued by Underground Taboo. Down Town. (2014), which runs with the teaser: "Rush hour. London Underground. A giant vagina walks down the stairs."

Among the other films representing London is Brixton Fairies: Made Possible By Squatting (2014) — a documentary about the South London Gay Liberation Front, who made their mark on the community by squatting abandoned council properties in the 1970s.

Selected screenings are accompanied by talks and discussions, including appearances from filmmaker Skye Skyetshooki, Sex Work Open University, and multitalented artist Squid.

Wotever DIY Film Festival is on at the Cinema Museum in Kennington and the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, from Saturday 30 August to Tuesday 2 September. Ticket prices vary, and some events are free.

Last Updated 18 August 2014