London News Roundup

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London News Roundup

Bottle top pictures from Robson Cezar, King of the Bottle Tops

  • The British Transport Police (BTP) say there's been an increase in sex offences being reported...
  • ...while using facial recognition software to track down offenders.
  • Undercover Met officers won't be charged over relationships during covert missions.
  • Should the London map be redrawn to include Staines-upon-Thames?
  • Spotted a poster purporting to be from TfL offering 10,000 free Oyster cards? It's a scam.
  • Man stabbed to death in Southall, while teenager stabbed during pre-Carnival rave at Finsbury Park.
  • Looks like Sebastian Coe is the favourite for Tory Mayoral candidate.
  • Man buys house.
  • More allegations over Tower Hamlets mayoral election revealed in court dossier.
  • Violence and threats make Muslim women more likely to wear the veil.
  • The Olympic Park has had three million visitors since re-opening.
  • TfL issue passenger advice ahead of Friday's planned drivers' strike on the Central line. Also avoid the Drain.

Last Updated 21 August 2014