Get Your Geek On As Comedy Night Returns

Will Noble
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Get Your Geek On As Comedy Night Returns

Richard Herring has performed at the Geekatorium.

From Star Wars to Sartre, Pavlov’s Dog to Henry’s Cat: The Geekatorium doesn't discriminate when it comes to subject matter — as long as it's good for a few giggles. The new season of the cult cerebral comedy night starts in September at The Phoenix, off Oxford Street, and promises to out-geek any shows that have gone before.

The Geekatorium team, led by Paul Gannon (apparently he played Zombie #275 in Shaun of the Dead — 'nuff said), promise to educate, inform, and make you wet yourself a little bit as they delve into science, scepticism, video games, movies, TV and music.

Gannon is joined by a host of hilarious regulars including Eli Silverman — who has starred in The Humble Quest For Universal Genius (described as "the bastard child of QI and Shooting Stars"), Iszi Lawrence — creator of The Z List dead Celebrity Show, and Richard Sandling, who according to the Scotsman "Can't not be funny".

The show developed out of the Geek Night Out series and while it's fuelled by laughs, the geekery is genuine. You'll stagger out with a head full of fresh facts you'll want to unload onto unwitting workmates the next day.

Each month, the event features a special guest. Previously, the likes of Richard herring and Mark Dolan have featured. First up this time — on 7 September — is Iain Lee of The 11 O’Clock Show fame. We hear that Lee goes weak at the knees for anything to do with the TV show Lost, so it wouldn't surprise us if that's his specialist subject.

The new run of the Geekatorium shows is at the Phoenix, 37 Cavendish Square, W1G 0PP. So far, nights have been announced for 7 September, 5 October and 2 November. Tickets are £5.

For further geeky gorging, try Nerd Nite — a monthly show-and-tell at Paper Dress Vintage in Shoreditch.

Last Updated 18 August 2014