Preview: Take Part In A Heist

By Stuart Black Last edited 54 months ago
Preview: Take Part In A Heist


Ever wanted to pull on a balaclava and steal secrets from a warehouse full of high-tech security devices? Who the heck hasn't? Well now, thanks to innovative troupe differencEngine (supported by Theatre Delicatessen), you can grab your sledge-hammer and stethoscope, assemble a crew of ne'er-do-wells and rob a building in Marylebone.

This sweet-sounding immersive theatre experience allows you to come in groups of 8 to take on the heist challenge (or you can go by yourself and meet co-criminals on the day). The experience covers four floors full of challenges and actors with character names like Nabokov and Doyle who you'll have to outsmart. The show takes about two hours and involves running, jumping and sneaking about (note: there's no wheelchair access unfortunately).

Tickets will be on sale soon, but since last time this show was on it sold out in 45 minutes, we suggest you sign up to the mailing list and get ready. Start practising your Robert De Niro face now.

Last Updated 08 July 2014