French Invasion Of Tube Stations On Google Maps

By Stuart Black Last edited 54 months ago
French Invasion Of Tube Stations On Google Maps


Not only does Nelson have to contend with a looming statue of a giant French ‘coq’ in one corner of Trafalgar Square, but now the local transport is also turning bleu. Just type Charing Cross into Google maps and instead of one of our city’s glorious red, white and blue roundels popping up proudly, you’ll see an arrogant white ‘M’ inside a nonchalant blue box. Bof! It’s suspiciously similar to the logo of the Parisian Metro.

And, if Google maps is to be believed, this invasion is happening all across London with tube stations everywhere going strangely Gallic. We’re not sure how this started but we know it’s been happening for a month at least. The M also shows up on various iphone and Android phone apps too.

The question is: are we going to stand for it? In the immortal words of Marcel Marceau – “Non!” Londonist is ready and willing to mount the barricades, sing the entire score of Les Mis and fight for the traditional causes of liberty, equality and cartography!

If we tolerate this insult who knows what French style indignity our noble city will suffer next: good cheese, fine wine and a successful football team? Quelle horreur!

Last Updated 02 July 2014