Dine Suspended 100ft In The Sky In Canary Wharf

Ben Norum
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Dine Suspended 100ft In The Sky In Canary Wharf

dining-in-the-skyThis autumn will see open air dining in the capital taken to a new level, as corporate events company Events in the Sky sets up home in Canary Wharf for ten days between 12 and 21 September.

Each event will see 22 guests seated around a table and strapped in, before the platform it sits on is winched over 30 metres (100 feet) from the ground for a rather special-sounding dinner on high.

It’s something the company has done for private clients a fair bit, and the photo above of a lunch held for Hugo Boss near City Hall gives a taste of what to expect. You might also have seen it featured on Heston’s Great British Food on Channel 4 not so long ago, but this is the first time the experience is open to the public.

It only gets more exciting with the announcement of who’ll be preparing the food. A set of five Michelin-starred London chefs lined up for lunch and dinner slots include Atul Kochhar of Mayfair Indian restaurant Benares, Pascal Aussignac from Smithfield French Club Gascon, and Alyn Williams from The Westbury. There will also be daily breakfasts cooked by Anna Hansen of vibrant fusion-food hub The Modern Pantry.

Most lunches consist of three courses and dinners of five courses. The table will be lowered to the ground for restocking (and loo breaks) briefly between each course. Lunches last 45 minutes, dinners one hour, and breakfasts and Champagne flights half an hour.

The only catch is an inevitable one: it doesn’t come cheap. Breakfast costs £50, lunches £200, dinners £250, and Champagne flights are £75. If we’re being picky, we’d also question whether Canary Wharf was really the most impressive place to do this, though we’re sure the views will still be pretty special.

Spaces are obviously limited, so if you are keen you’d do well to book sharpish. Do so via the Events in the Sky website, which also contains full menus from each chef as well as safety information and other details.

Last Updated 22 July 2014


What if you need the loo during the meal

Mark Walley

Wait, if dinner is five courses, and you're being lowered after every course, that means you're being lowered 4 times before finally being lowered to the ground after the fifth course. Given that people will actually need time to go to the loo (say three minutes at least), and lowering people up and down 30 metres is going to take some time (rough back of the paper maths says around four minutes at least). Which means if you arrive at 6pm and leave at 7pm, you'll have spent 35-40 minutes not hanging at 30 metres.

Even if you spend the entire time in the air though, somehow miraculously teleporting to 30 metres at bang on 6pm, you'll still have an hour to eat five courses. Rushed?

Nota Bene

We did this as part of a BA promotion on Brighton sea front (cost: £0.00)...fabulous experience but £250? That's why they're doing it in Canary Wharf...lots of people with more money than sense....

London Girl

Canary Wharf not impressive enough for Ben Norum? I Wonder where he's from?

London Girl

Oh sorry Ben, just noted that you're from Chichester , now living in Kennington via Elephant & Castle. That explains it then.


Absolutely petrified of heights so won't be doing this....