Who's Behind The 'Hope Of Brixton' Fly-tipping?

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Who's Behind The 'Hope Of Brixton' Fly-tipping?

A bit of a puzzle for you. Phil Potter (@the_real_phil_pott) contacted us with the following head-scratcher:

I work on the Strand and most mornings you will find a piece of furniture or “home accessory” left next to this lamp post. I’ve previously spotted an old wooden chair and a TV stand. This morning it is this cupboard and door mat, it seems that someone puts them here in the early hours of the morning (see third photo) for anyone to take who needs them – they can’t be just dumping furniture, as surely there are easier less elaborate ways of doing it? Also there is usually a sticker saying on it ‘Hope of Brixton’ but a Google search comes back with nothing – maybe one of your other readers has spotted this too either on the Strand or another location in London– or maybe ‘Hope of Brixton’ will reveal themselves and their reasons behind this venture?


The unusual fly-tipping has also been noted by @CatherineS_L on Strand, while @thefourthcraw found a Hope of Brixton sticker on a mouthwash bottle.

Has anyone else seen these enigmatic objects? Our first instinct is to suspect some kind of slow-burning PR stunt, but then any company illegally dumping stuff as part of a promotion is treading dodgy ground. An artist, then? And why are objects tagged Brixton turning up on Strand? Any thoughts welcome.

Last Updated 09 June 2014