Soap Dodgers Unite For Kentish Town Mini-Festival

Chris Lockie
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Last Updated 30 June 2014

Soap Dodgers Unite For Kentish Town Mini-Festival

Wonder Stuff

Remember grebos? It was never fully clear how grebos differentiated themselves from crusties, goths and the various other types of soap-dodging music fans that owned the world for about a month some time around 1990.

If you head to the Forum in Kentish Town on Saturday 13 September there's a good chance you'll solve the puzzle. That afternoon and evening will see a coming together of some of the most popular bands of a particular type, with almost uniformly daft names, for a marvellous event going by the name Indie Daze All-Dayer. Hair will be lank and dogs will be on string as Ned's Atomic Dustbin, Jesus Jones and Pop Will Eat Itself descend hazily on north London.

If you've never read the NME this event may not be for you, but if you have it seems implausible you'd want to be anywhere else while these bands are rocking the bejesus out of NW5. Though it seems the mighty Pop Will Eat Itself will be doing a DJ set only, you can certainly rely on indie faves The Darling Buds to revel in their late-80s hits, Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls of The Wonder Stuff to roll out their Eight Legged Groove Machine and The Flatmates to do this.

The stars of the show will surely be Ned's Atomic Dustbin. For the uninitiated, here is a fine example of their art — Not Sleeping Around, from 1992.

It promises to be a glorious celebration of a much-loved indie sub-genre. You can find more information on the Forum website.

The Indie Daze All-Dayer takes place at the Forum on 13 September. Tickets are priced around £30 and available from Songkick.

Image of the Wonder Stuff by Sarah Tsang via Flickr.