London Remembers Collects Stories Of Lost Memorials

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London Remembers Collects Stories Of Lost Memorials

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 18.05.07King's Cross, as many readers will know, gets its name from an old monument to George IV (pictured to the right), which was knocked down in 1845. It's one of several lost memorials now chronicled on the wonderful London Remembers site.

The regal traffic impediment of King's Cross sits alongside an exported memorial to Lenin, a vanished fountain in Hyde Park, a departed memorial to Chalk Farm bus workers who died in WWI, a 'Nelson tree' that once grew beside what is now a ghost station, and several others.

Most of the memorials have some element of mystery around them, so have a read through and see if you can suggest any answers.

Sadly, memorials vanish with depressing frequency in London. Most notoriously, a much-loved statue of Dr Salter was stolen by metal thieves from the Bermondsey river front a couple of years ago, though a campaign to replace it (and improve it to include Ada Salter) is doing well.

London Remembers plans to add further lost memorials on relevant anniversaries as the year goes on. But if you have any suggestions for inclusion, please leave a comment below and we'll pass them on.

London Remembers has been collecting memorial information since the mid-1990s and now includes transcriptions, photos and biographical information on 3,463 memorials, from blue plaques to drinking fountains.

Last Updated 17 June 2014