Ticket Alert: Walk Through Brunel's Thames Tunnel

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Ticket Alert: Walk Through Brunel's Thames Tunnel

Dogs and silly hats probably not allowed.

Tickets go on sale at 10am this morning for a late-May trip into one of London's unique subterranean landmarks. The Thames Tunnel between Wapping and Rotherhithe normally buzzes with Overground trains. For three days only, however, you can walk along its length courtesy of Transport for London.

The tunnel, started by Marc Brunel in 1825 and finished with help from his son Isambard, is said to be the first beneath a major river anywhere in the world. It was originally created as a foot tunnel, but has carried rail lines for much of its life. Today, you can pass through its brick arches any time you like for the price of an Oyster fare, but it's a rare day indeed when the public can inspect this extraordinary engineering up close.

The tunnel will open for tours on 24-26 May during a period of line closure. Tickets cost £18 (plus £1.50 booking fee via London Transport Museum), with all proceeds split between the Brunel Museum in Rotherhithe and the Railway Children’s Charity.

Previous experience suggests these tours will sell out very quickly, so be ready at 10am. Tickets will be available from here.

Last Updated 24 April 2014

Nicolas Chinardet

And of course, Londonist has been there already :)


Anyone know how long the tour lasts?


Gutted. Would have loved to have done this but am away that bank holiday weekend.


Got tickets! so exited! Cant wait!

Jason Millwall Medway

£19.50 to walk down a tunnel ...lol are you having a laugh

David W

got a ticket..can't wait..tower subway next?


In 2010 this tour was £8...... a ten pound increase in four years. Too much for me.

Dan Williams

£18 to walk in a f**king tunnel? London you are funny

Who gets what.



London is just like a lovely woman. Lets you enter their beautiful tunnel but takes all your money for the privilege.

London Historians

If it looked like that, I'd jump at it. But £18 to walk through an old tunnel with Health and Safety harassing you every step of the way? They're having a giraffe.

Bill Gee

If you didn't get a ticket of the £19.50 was too much - I recommend going along on a Saturday evening - I was there last Saturday and it was a lovely evening - cocktails, industrial archaeology, but mainly good conversations with people Id never met before



Can't believe so many people are dismissive of this unique opportunity. This is history, British industrial heritage, achievement and spectacular event all rolled into one. I shall make sure I am one of the privileged ones who can claim to have walked this magnificent monument. It costs less than a round of drinks with your mates, but will be so much more fulfilling!