LEME At 'Em: Electronic Music Symposium Assembles In Shoreditch

Chris Lockie
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LEME At 'Em: Electronic Music Symposium Assembles In Shoreditch

LEME 2014

Londonist very much approves of an event that describes itself in its title, and by calling itself London Electronic Music Event (henceforth LEME) this one is ticking boxes like an office full of civil servants approving their own expense claims.

Indeed, by not giving itself a moniker involving words like 'ultra', 'sonic', 'warp' and so on, LEME underlines its nature as a serious forum for discussion of electronic music and its countless sub-genres, rather than an actual performance of electronic music, though there will be performances along the way.

LEME takes place at the Rich Mix venue in Shoreditch on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 April. Record labels, artists, DJs, retailers and others within the industry, from all over the world, are coming together for workshops, seminars and discussions about electronic music and its future. It’s open to the public and anyone wanting to learn more about the industry, which may be you if your head was turned by our recent article on where to learn music programming in London.

The array of speakers at the event is remarkably impressive, with 38 currently listed on the official site. These include Detroit house legend Theo Parish, London-based producer Terry Farley of the cult Junior Boy's Own record label, and Neville Watson, whose blurb states flatly he was "chewed up and spat out the other side of the UK’s acid house scene" and who is likely to have one or two tales to tell.

Production workshops, industry panels and keynote debates will pepper the weekend, which follows on from the success of the 2013 event. The organisers have put together a useful two-minute highlights reel of last year's LEME, which you can watch below.

With so many electronic music heavyweights in one place the networking possibilities and potential collaboration are worth the entrance fee alone, which varies depending on which sections of the schedule you're keen on. One particular highlight may be the Sound Of Things To Come debate, in which industry experts from across the event come together to discuss their hopes and fears for the future of electronic music (at 4pm on the Sunday, 13 April).

The London Electronic Music Event takes place at Rich Mix on 12-13 April. Find the full programme and ticket information at the LEME website.

Last Updated 03 April 2014