Five Days Of Tube Strikes Announced

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 48 months ago
Five Days Of Tube Strikes Announced

closedstation_170414Two strike actions at Transport for London have been announced today.

The RMT says its members will walk out over job cuts and ticket office closures — now might be a good time to refresh your memory about the reasons behind this dispute — for two days at 9pm on Monday 28 April, and for three days at 9pm on Monday 5 May.

Meanwhile, over 1,000 backroom staff at TfL have voted to strike over plans to freeze pay and cut final salary pensions. Manuel Cortes, the TSSA union's general secretary, said: "Needless to say, this plan does not apply to senior managers like the Commissioner Sir Peter Hendy who took home £650,000 last year".

TSSA members voted 80% in favour of strike action on a turnout of 47% — which, let's remember before politicians start talking about 50% limits again, is better than the 38.1% turnout for the 2012 London election. Strike action will be taken by supervisors and managers, so drivers and ordinary station staff will still be around to do their day-to-day jobs — unless they co-ordinate action with the RMT, which will likely mean fewer Travel Ambassadors available to fill in and run a limited service. [Edit: the TSSA says it won't do this. Damn our cynical brains.]

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Last Updated 17 April 2014

Chris Burt

Strikes also fall across exam time for many students across London that need to go often quite far for exams - not ideal in increasing stress levels!

Bill Martin

Typical, overpaid and holding London to ransom again. No idea how they think this endears them or their cause to people who will suffer trying to get in to work,


Time to fire them all.

Wei Yun Hsu

oh no!!!!


Time to understand how workers are always held to ransom just to maintain pay and conditions. Perhaps low pay, no contracts and a workhouse entitlement would be preferred. Coz that's what we came from with the help of unionised labour. Ignorance in history will have us where Bangladeshi garment workers conditions are acceptible. And employers would love that.


Noooo! That's during my exam time!!


Can always compare %'s with the general election but on something like this there is the basic point of if it is that important why aren't all union members bothering to vote? Can't be that important.
Each vote has to be judged each time. A lack of voters in union issues shows the lack of importance of the issue to the members.