Celebrate 75 Years Of RT-Type Double Deck Buses

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Celebrate 75 Years Of RT-Type Double Deck Buses

RT1 by Ian Jackson via London Bus Museum

London Bus Museum is bringing out its RT-family buses to run a special route 22 service between Piccadilly and Homerton this Saturday in celebration of the RT-type's 75th anniversary. The RT-type bus is the direct predecessor of the Routemaster and an icon in its own right. It ran on London's streets from 1939 to 1979.

All rides on the heritage buses on route 22 are free, except for those on the extra special RT1 (pictured) which is running in public service for the first time since 1945. Rides on the RT1 are £10, check the timetable here.

While you're in Hackney, check out the display of RTs at Ash Grove bus garage in Hackney.

On Sunday, London Bus Museum holds its annual Spring Gathering with stalls, a collectors' market and activities for children at its Brooklands site. Buses old and new will be ferrying people from Weybridge station to the Museum (free, timetable) and in the afternoon there will be a parade of RTs, including another opportunity to ride the RT1. You may even get to ride their Horse Bus if conditions are right.

Find out more about London Bus Museum online. Adult tickets for Spring Gathering are £13, children £7, under 5s free. Open 10am-5pm.

Last Updated 08 April 2014