In Photos: London Wheels

By Silvia Baretta Last edited 29 months ago
In Photos: London Wheels

Our city is full of every kind of wheel...

Wheely old. Photo: psyxjaw.
Winter Wonderland. Photo: Londonshots UK.
Big red flywheel at the Science Museum. Photo: World of Tim.
Polo on wheels. Photo: Andrew Smith.
Cheese wheels at Borough Market. Photo: Chris Kench.
Canary Wharf's Crossrail tunnel.
The London Eye. Photo: psyxjaw.
We see this wheel most days. Photo: Natalie Clarke.
Wheel window along Regent's Canal. Photo: Stephanie Sadler.

Many thanks to the photographers for allowing us to use their images via Flickr: Londonshouts UK, Stephanie Sadler, World of Tim, psyxjaw, unslugged, Pangaia (en vela),, Andrew Smith and Natalie Clarke. Plus Mehrdad Aref-Adib, who created the London Eye image back in 2006.

Last Updated 17 October 2016