London To Get Shrek Theme Park

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London To Get Shrek Theme Park

Non-artist's impression of how the new attraction might not look.

Four films and a stage musical on, everybody's favourite ogre appeared to be a franchise of diminishing returns. But there's life in the old thing yet, with the announcement of a new attraction inspired by the popular animated films.

DreamWorks is eyeing up a site within the tourist lodestar of County Hall, a complex currently inhabited by the likes of the London Dungeon and London Aquarium. The studio will partner with Merlin — and just to clarify, this is the company that runs the Dungeon and Aquarium, rather than the Eric Idle-voiced wizard from Shrek The Third.

Trading under the name of Shrek's Far Far Away Adventure, the attraction will be one of six similar ogre-outposts around the world.

According to a statement from DreamWorks and Merlin:

"The 20,000-square-foot experience will be based on a brand-new adventure being written by the DreamWorks team. It will feature a Shrek interactive walk-through adventure, a character courtyard where visitors will be able to meet Shrek and his swamp friends, along with characters from Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon."

The family fun hole should be open in summer 2015. The Guardian also reports that a fifth Shrek film is under serious consideration by the studio.

Last Updated 25 February 2014