Water Pipe Bursts At Men's Fashion Show

By Stuart Black Last edited 60 months ago
Water Pipe Bursts At Men's Fashion Show

Burst pipe gate

A water pipe burst at the London Collections: Men catwalk show this morning, splashing the fashionistas in attendance.

The incident took place just before noon, in the main catwalk building — the old sorting office. A hot water pipe burst over the crowd. Those in the front row were in the spray line, including Tinie Tempah. Some described the water was "scalding", others that it was "warm and hopefully not sewage".

Fortunately, nobody was hurt, and it turned out to be just water...not sewerage. The show — Oliver Spencer, featuring Alex James of Blur fame — started ten minutes later, and went off without a hitch. The joke going round was that it should have happened before the Superdry show.

And just when we were commenting that umbrellas seem to be this year's must-have accessory...

Last Updated 08 January 2014