Terror At London Bridge...Starring David Hasselhoff

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Terror At London Bridge...Starring David Hasselhoff

Jack the Clipper: The whole cast have perms.

Jack the Ripper is back. It's 1985. He's killing people on London Bridge — the London Bridge that got rebuilt Arizona. But don't worry, The Hoff is on the case.

This is the barnstormingly ludicrous plot of Bridge Across Time (also called Terror at London Bridge). The ultimate B-movie gets a rare screening at the Horse Hospital in Bloomsbury on 6 February.

The evening will be opened by Travis Elborough, author of London Bridge In America. He'll tell the extraordinary true story of the how London Bridge was sold to an American businessman, then shipped over for reassembly in Arizona. We can then all settle back to the film, and watch our bepermed hero track down his supernatural Victorian foe.

Tickets are just £5 in advance or £6.50 on the door (note, though, it's a small venue, so you might want to pre-book to be sure of getting in, especially with a film as irresistible as this).

For those who can't make it, the entire film is currently available on YouTube.

Last Updated 21 January 2014