Some Of These Ideas Could Change London

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 60 months ago
Some Of These Ideas Could Change London

ideas_020114A few weeks ago we wrote about a new initiative called Changing London. It's a website that aims to get people discussing what they want London to be, all in time so that new candidates for Mayor can take the best suggestions, work them into a manifesto and hopefully make them happen.

This is meant to be a platform for all Londoners to share their thoughts, so take a look around and add comments or your own idea. So far, in full length articles, we've had Christian Wolmar describing how communities could reclaim their streets from cars (the notion of calling this policy 'lovely streets' really tickles us), a proposal to give free tube travel to every London child under 16, or even to families, and an idea to boost political engagement with local 'plotting sheds'. With cake.

They say London is a city made of villages, and maybe we do feel more loyalty to our manor than to London as a whole: what if those villages had more of a say in local matters? Maybe London could follow the lead of work being done in Leeds and Rotterdam to make us more child friendly? Or echo Seoul's plan to become a sharing city? We know our readers are full of ideas: don't keep them to yourself, let Changing London know.

Photo, of the Bank of Ideas, by JudyGr from the Londonist Flickr pool

Last Updated 03 January 2014