Police Want Water Cannon By Summer

Rachel Holdsworth
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Police Want Water Cannon By Summer

riotpolice_080114The Metropolitan Police wants to have water cannon available to use by this summer, it's emerged.

According to London Assembly Member Jenny Jones there will be a consultation from the Mayor ending in February, as it's City Hall who would have to provide funds to buy equipment and train officers. The Home Secretary would have to licence water cannon, which are currently not permitted for use anywhere on the UK mainland (very different story in Northern Ireland), but Theresa May has said she won't buy them.

We were watching Dara O'Briain's show Craic Dealer the other day, in which he talks about water cannon. Do people think, he asks, that they work by distracting crowds with rainbows, or soaking them and suddenly everyone's up for 'sexy time'? No; they can rip your eyes out of your head (warning: there are some very disturbing photos in that link).

The idea of water cannon was raised last May, when we noted that the Met itself said back in 2011 that water cannon were ‘not the answer to combat future rioting’ and Boris Johnson has previously opposed their use. However, being questioned during Mayor's Question Time in May 2013, Boris Johnson said he would support the police having them as a last resort, even if the prospect of them being used was "vanishingly unlikely". In a letter to the Home Secretary, Johnson says the Met Commissioner has promised water cannon would be "rarely used and rarely seen".

Jenny Jones says each water cannon costs £1.3 million, and the Met plans to train 20 officers in their use and 200 Territorial Support Group (TSG) members in when to deploy them. (If the TSG sounds familiar, they're the ones implementing kettles during protests and generally being criticised for heavy-handed tactics.) That's a lot of money for something that's vanishingly unlikely to be used, particularly in light of cuts to the police budget.

Photo by James Lemons from the Londonist Flickr pool

Last Updated 08 January 2014

Jim Fearnley

According to papers subsequently released, Margaret Thatcher authorised the use of water cannon [and baton rounds
/rubber bullets] in discussions with police, during the 1981 Toxteth riots in LIverpool. In the event, an improvised water cannon was [ineffectively] used, namely a fire engine water hose.

Rod Taylor

No.. Also put an end "kettling"! Civilized behaviour works from the top down.


I have the sinking feeling this is because the coalition government is planning some even more drastic austerity measures and is anticipating mass protests.


Once available they would almost certainly be used. How will we know about the Public Consultation?


I usually vote Green, but Jenny Jones in that clip comes across as a silly, dogmatic fool who's clearly reciting from a pre-written list of pathetic points she wants to score, in order to achieve soundbites, and doesn't even listen to the response she's given. I find this really exasperating from someone I'd otherwise want to support. What an idiot.


If austerity means taking away the supply of free money from those who have been allowed to become addicted to it then it is likely to lead to angry acting out as they go through withdrawal. Planning to contain this seems prudent to me. Why not simply use fire brigade hoses though?